Directions For Getting To Heathrow Airport  By Car

As one of the busiest airports in the world, it is not surprising that getting to Heathrow airport is pretty straight forward as there are several ways you can do this and the directions to Heathrow are easy to follow.  Situated just 15 miles West of London itself, the airport has a brilliant road network linking passengers to Heathrow and these major roads are easily accessible from all directions.

The 2 main motorways that run close to Heathrow airport are the M4 and M25 motorways.  Both these motorways can be busy, as they are major roads in and out of London and obviously the airport. These can also be extremely busy at peak times and the M25 motorway is notoriously busy all day.  If you are planning on using these roads to get to the airport, it is advisable to allow yourself plenty of time just in case you get caught in the traffic.

The ‘A’ road that runs adjacent to Heathrow airport is the A4 (Bath Road).

If you travel to Heathrow airport by car or are wanting to return a hire car, you will need to know which terminal you need to drive to.  The airport is well sign posted on
the M4 and M25 motorways and there are different exits to take for each of the terminals at Heathrow.

Getting To Heathrow

Getting To Heathrow Terminals Via The M25 And M4 Motorways And Which Exits To Take

Below, you will see which motorway exits you will need to take for each one of the airport terminals.

Terminal 1: This is situated in the centre of the airport and you will need to take junction 4 on the M4 or exit the M25 at junction 15.

Terminal 3: Also located at the centre of Heathrow airport, and if you take the M4 motorway, you will need to exit at junction 4 or the M25 at junction 15.

Terminal 4: This is located at the Southern side of the airport and if you are traveling on the M4, you will need to exit the motorway at junction 4b and the take the M25 south and then exit the M25 at junction 14.

Terminal 5: This is located on the Western Perimeter Road.  It has it’s own access road and can be reached by using the exits as for terminal 4.  Exit junction 4b on the M4 and follow the M25 south then exit at junction 14 of the M25 or exit junction 14 if you are just traveling on the M25.

Post Codes For Getting To Heathrow

Terminal 1: TW6 1AP

Terminal 2:  TW6 1EW

Terminal 3: TW6 1QG

Terminal 4: TW6 3XA

Terminal 5: TW6 2GA

We hope that the information on this page is beneficial in helping you plan the best route for getting to Heathrow.